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Si estás pensando en presentarte al examen SLP 2222, tienes que practicar todo lo que puedas. Sabemos que no es sencillo encontrar modelos de examen del SLP 2222 en PDF gratis, por eso hemos decido compartir contigo este modelo de examen SLP 2222 con preguntas tipo que te podrías encontrar el día de tu examen de inglés SLP.

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Modelo de examen SLP 2222: Prueba de comprensión escrita

I had an amusing experience last year. I was in the south of France and on the way to Toulouse a man waved to me, I stopped and he asked me for a lift. I said good morning to him in French and he replied in the same language. I don’t know any French at all. Neither of us spoke during the journey. Two hours later the man said very slowly, ´Do you speak English?’ Immediately I learnt, he was English himself!

The man stopped the writer because_________
a) he spoke French
b) he wanted a free ride in the car
c) he recognized him
d) he wanted to speak to him

In 1955, Martin Luther King Jr gained national recognition for his non-violent methods used in a bus boycott in Montgomery. This peaceful boycott, changed the law which required Black people to ride in the backs of buses. After this success, Dr King used his non-violent tactics in efforts to change other discriminatory laws.

Which sentence is correct?
a) Dr King was very violent in the bus boycott
b) This boycott did not have any effect
c) Dr King changed the law with his attitude
d) Dr King used the force to stop the boycott

Last spring, Juan and Miguel decided to drive to Portugal. The car belonged to Juan’s father and was very old. When they left, everything was fine. However, three hours later the car stopped and it was impossible to start it again. They called an emergency service and decided to wait in a café because it was very cold.

Which sentence is correct?
a) Miguel’s father had a car
b) They had problems with the car a couple of hours after leaving
c) They waited for the emergency service in the street
d) The problem with the car began three hours later after leaving

In 1989, the General Assembly of the United Nations signed the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Since then, the civil, political, economic, social, health and cultural rights of the children have been formally inscribed in the treaty. Today all Council of Europe countries have signed the Convention.

Who signed the Convention on the Rights of the children?
a) The Council of Europe
b) The General Assembly of the United Nations
c) The children
d) The Convention of the United Nations

When Thomson inherited a lot of money, he retired and moved to a big cottage in the countryside with his wife. The cottage had a large swimming pool and a little stable for his horse. Every morning, he watered his beautiful garden while he listened to the radio.

Where did Thomson move?
a) To the coast
b) To a big city
c) To the beach
d) To the country

My neighbour, whose name is Melisa, gets up very early every day. She is never late for work. However, last Friday she forgot to set her alarm clock and arrived at the bakery, where she has worked for 10 years, half an hour late. Her boss was very angry and the costumers, too.

What do we know about Melisa?
a) Melisa lost her job
b) Melisa is usually late for work
c) Melisa is very forgetful
d) Melisa was late on one occasion

Peter has just received a message from Thomas, his best friend: ‘I am outside the cinema. Text if you are going to be late and I will wait for you and watch the next film. If you are not coming, I will go in now.´

What should Peter do?
a) He should let Thomas know if he is delayed
b) He should tell Thomas which film he wants to watch
c) He should wait for Thomas inside the cinema
d) He should buy the tickets for the film

I am unemployed at the moment so I do not go to work. I do not have anything special to do. In the morning, I go for a walk with my dog and I always buy the newspaper because I am looking for a job. In the afternoon, I go to the library and borrow a book every other day.

Which sentence is true?
a) He works overtime
b) He is trying to find work
c) He works in a newspaper
d) He borrows books from his friends

It’s my birthday soon. I’d like to invite all my friends to my house. I don’t want any presents. We can have some food but I don’t want any meat. We can listen to English music and just talk. The party will be in my garden. I can cook very well but I just haven’t got time now.

Choose the correct sentence:
a) The writer is not a good cook
b) Today is the writer’s birthday
c) The writer does not want any meat
d) The writer wants to have the party in the kitchen

George Washington was named commander of the Continental Army in 1775. Washington was a great leader who won several decisive battles during the Revolution, and he was elected the first President of the United States.

Which of the following sentences is NOT true?
a) Washington was never president
b) Washington commanded the Continental Army
c) Washington was an excellent leader
d) Washington won several decisive battles during the Revolution

Respuestas al modelo de examen SLP 2222: 1B 2C 3D 4B 5D 6D 7A 8B 9C 10A

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